The factory of "Haltek" employs experienced assemblers and production managers with experience in working with various types of aluminum profiles, furniture and other components. The latest solutions and ideas of aluminum profile suppliers are used in the construction process, so that the final product always meets the requirements and the latest construction standards. During production, the latest generation equipment from Italy and Germany is used, which allows to achieve the best quality and result."Haltek" has many years of experience in the installation and glazing of several types of structures - private houses, industrial facilities, high-rise buildings, hangar-type buildings, office space glazing, as well as, installation of glazed stairs, railings, steps and individually ordered aluminum conservatories. These jobs are performed by professionally trained employees, whose knowledge is updated every year in accordance with current construction requirements and trends. In the assembly jobs, the materials that are being used are in accordance with European Union standards, as well as taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer. Various types of auxiliary devices are used in the installation process, from scaffolding to mobile cranes. We have carried out assembly works in such facilities as - Building materials stores DEPO, Autosalon ŠKODA, LIDL stores, Building materials store Kurši, as well as Shopping Center OZOLS, etc.


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